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Bicycle sharing and monitoring service
based on LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) network

Wireless Communication
Service monitoring based on the LPWAN(low-power wide-are network)
Independent Location Data Collection
Manage the status and location of bicycle through smart lock device
Stable and Integrated Solution
All-in-one package containing smart bicycle, system, web page, and application
Shared Service Model
Optimized usability considering domestic users
Connection with Diverse 3rd Party Services
Expand services by connecting with social account, MAP UI, and PG payment
Efficient Service Operation Through Accurate Monitoring
Provide bicycle and customer management, usage statistics, big data collection functions

Service Overview

Bicycle monitoring solution is a smart bicycle sharing solution that allows users to freely borrow bicycles
anytime and anywhere without visiting a specific bicycle lending shops.
It provides an integrated bicycle control service through its built-in smart lock that supports location tracking
and wireless communication functions to monitor the condition and usage status of bicycles.

Function Description

Item Description
Using Bicycle Search for the nearest bicycle, book it, use it, and end the use through app
Remote Control Lock and unlock using app
Payment Pay easily via app
Location Tracking Possible to track moving distance of the bicycle
Battery Management Manage battery condition to prevent any battery problem (possible to charge and replace the battery)
History Management Manage usage and payment histories
Statistics Provide various statistics based on the collected data (ex. usage by each area)


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