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A small wearable device with location tracking function
based on Nable’s LoRa module made by the best LoRa module company in Korea, Nable

Easy to carry
Can be changed into various forms
Self-communication based on LPWA
No separate software or pairing procedure is necessary
Tracks location in real time via its own GPS module
Low Cost
Minimizes communication module cost
Low communication cost
Long battery life
Easy operation with four buttons: Up, down, left, right
Minimizes error by making emergency call using pattern
Provides various functions using button combination
Can be used for various safety and care services for children, women, seniors, disabled, etc.
Location tracking: Available for various crime prevention services
Emergency call: Possible to provide emergency dispatch through connection with police and 119

Service Overview

Location Monitoring Solution is a wearable device that provides services such as
location tracking, emergency alarm, and safe return notification to prevent crimes targeted for the children, women, and seniors.
Location Monitoring Solution consists of service server, wearable device, and app for protector.
It tracks user’s location periodically and sends emergency alarm.

Function Description

  • Check TimeClick the button at top to display the current time
  • Send LocationClick the button at right for 2 seconds to send the current location
  • Return HomeClick the button at bottom for 2 seconds to send a notification that user returned home safely
  • Check BatteryClick the button at left to see the remaining battery
  • Send Emergency AlarmPush all 4 buttons at the same time for 2 seconds to send emergency alarm via Push/SMS
  • Track MovementUnderstand daily activities and track movement of the user based on the collected location data
Nable Communications
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