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Underground environmental monitoring and facility management solution
based on LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) network

Easy Monitoring
Easy remote monitoring via our underground facility monitoring solution, based on LPWA technology
Unlimited number of sensors
Realtime monitoring
Low Operation Cost
Reduces regular inspections performed by manpower
Minimizes inspection cost via 24-hour monitoring system (If any abnormal symptom is detected in the collected data, the system takes thorough inspection and necessary measures to prevent actual error)
Efficient Work Flow
Underground facility management solution allows easy status check before work
Prioritizing work based on the collected data
Applicable to other Industries
Standard-compliant facilities are applicable to diverse industries such as water/sewer/gas pipes, underground electric cable, underground optical communication line, disaster prevention, environmental management, etc.

Service Overview

The underground facility monitoring solution prevents personnel accidents by collecting and analyzing the underground environment status and by monitoring underground facilities via devices. The solution consists of a manhole cover built with LPWA communication function for connecting in/outside of underground facilities and a monitoring server for managing and analyzing the collected data.

Function Description

Item Features Description
Manhole Cover Devices Installed LoRa antenna and device installed
Replaces Old Manhole Covers Continue maintenance by replacing the ole manhole covers
Device Sensor Data Collection Collect data from sensors in the manhole
Sensor Data Transmission Transmit the collected data to the monitoring center via public or private network Monitoring Platform
Monitoring Platform Sensor Data Monitoring Provide remote monitoring function through the collected sensor data
Service Manhole Maintenance Support maintenance of manhole through various sensors (flood, water level, opening/closing of the cover, recognition of danger, etc.) installed in the manhole
Remote Meter Reading Supports remote meter reading including water meter


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