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Maximizes delivery of notices and disaster alarms
by converting voice data to digital

Efficient Notice Delivery
Strong against degradation interference through data digitalization
Maximizing information delivery through audible alarm
Possible to see if notice is delivered successfully or not via confirmation from user
Minimizing shadow areas by using telecom networks
Possible to send emergency alarms even in case of power outage
Easy Installation & Operation
No separate antenna installation required(Simple installation)
Minimizing obstacles by installing only little number of devices
Seamless service available through redundancy structure
Compatible with the existing amplifiers
Taking prompt action in case of service error is available through central management
Easy to Use
Possible to deliver notices to remote areas through smartphone
Retransmission is available when user doesn’t confirm the reception
Text notification service is provided
Various Services
Care/security services provided based on two-way communication
Various information provided including weekly weather, solar/lunar calendar, etc.
Various additional services provided such as joint purchase, advertisement, etc.

Service Overview

The data communication based safe broadcasting solution improves the notice delivery
through digitalized audio service and provides various information through its built-in display.
Based on the two-way communication, it provides various additional services
such as home condition monitoring and remote control.
The safe broadcasting system consists of a terminal receiver and a broadcasting server,
and provides broadcasting application and web portal for the local government officials and village chiefs.

Function Description

Item Features Description
Broadcasting Audio Notice Delivers audible notices to remote areas through web portal or application
Text Notice Delivers text notices to remote areas through web portal or application
Reserved Notice Sends audio or text notice on the specified date and time
Notice Reception Checking Checks if audio or text notice is received


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