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LoRa Network

LoRa gateway and network server are required in LoRa network to manage connection with devices.
Nable Communications is a LoRa module company in Korea that has developed
a stable LoRa Network Server and delivered it
to domestic mobile communication companies.
In addition, as a domestic distributor of Kerlink, the market share leader,
we can provide high-performance and stable gateway.

Major Features of Network Server

  • Providing wired/wireless integrated network solution
  • Easy to integrate or separate in service unit
  • Small installation space and power consumption required
  • Supporting small and large capacity line ups
  • Providing diverse expansion plans
  • Easy to migrate hardware platform
  • Easy to maintain the existing subscribers and attract new ones
  • Providing flexible architecture for customer’s diverse environment and requirements

LoRa G/W Spec

Item Specification
CPU ARM 926EJS core processor, 230MIPS
Memory Low power DDRAM 128MB 8GB eMMC (128NAND for F/W and autorecovery)
Communication I/F LoRa : up to -142dBm WWAN : HSDPS/UMTS, GPRS/EDGE Ethernet : 10/100 Base-T (POE)
ETC Standard Long Term Support Linux 3.10 File System : YAFFS2(NAND), EXT4(eMMC)


Nable Communications provides a platform that complies with oneM2M standard.
It collects and manages data through various IoT networks (LoRa, LTE-MTC, etc.)
and maintains session with a service to distribute the collected data to that service.
This platform also provides the Device Management and Security Management functions
defined by the oneM2M standard.

Major Features of IoT Platform

  • Complying with the oneM2M Release1 international standard
  • Providing group management, location information, and discovery function
  • Providing extension API for firmware upgrade
  • Possible to monitor particular resource intensively
  • Preventing data loss
  • Controlling overload traffic

Expected Effect

  • Ensure interoperability based on standards
  • Reduce IoT service development period
  • Reduce costs by avoiding overlapped investments
  • Improve productivity of service development


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Nable Communications
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