Rich Communication Service

네이블의 RCS 시스템은 RCS Client에 대한 서비스 Configuration Provisioning과
Capability Discovery, 1:1 또는 1:N의 메시징 및 파일 전송 등의 Feature를 제공합니다.


Provisioning Configuration

  • Service Subscription handling
  • HTTP based Provisioning
  • PS and non-PS network
  • Network-initiated Provisioning

Converged IP communication

  • 1-1 Chat / Group Chat
  • Large group chat (50+)
  • Long Lived Group Chat
  • Standalone Messaging
  • IsComposing, IMDN
  • HTTP File Transfer
  • Pause and resume
  • Full Store and forward
  • Legacy messaging interworking (via IP-SM-GW)

Capability discovery & Social Presence Sharing

  • Support of SIP OPTIONS and Presence based discovery
    • Initial scan
    • Periodic Polling
    • Real-time fetch
    • User discovery
  • Availability/Favorite Link/Free text/ Portrait Icon/Geo-location/etc.
Nable Communications
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