Solution for activation of communication

nXer FMC System

Solution for activation of communication

  • Search and add people based on the organization chart
  • Free voice calls between registered customers anywhere in the country
  • Seamless work environment
  • Encrypting voice calls- Protect communication contents perfectly when using WiFi network
  • Set working hours by each department or individual- On/Off function for working and vacation time
  • Support diverse devices- Provide mobile phone, tablet, and PC version client- Support both Android and iOS

You can use all functions of office telephones equally on smartphones.

  • Simultaneous Reception
    When a call comes in to the company, both the company and mobile phones can receive it at the same time
  • Call Forwarding
    Switch call directly to a preset number
  • Returning Incoming Call
    Send incoming call to a input number
  • Organization chart
    Call an extension number from your cell phone using the organization chart
  • Call Option
    Allows the administrator to collectively permit/prohibit external calls(call control from 9:00 to 18:00)
  • Invitation
    Invite another person to the ongoing two-person call
  • Group Call
    Make a call with multiple people
Nable Communications
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