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High Quality Video Transmission
P2P High-quality video transmission using Nable FluX technology that does not degrade P2P connection
Advanced P2P Connection
Network load reduction using multiplexing technology
ICE-based P2P connection with minimum delay
Initial service launching cost reduction through cloud-based environment
Operation cost reduction through world-class P2P connection function
Enhanced Security
MITM threats elimination
Encryption using OTK (One Time Key)
3-step authentication
Time –to-market
Providing video surveillance service in short time through cloud-based services
Providing SDK
Various Devices Supported
Supporting diverse smartphones (Android, iOS) and PCs (Windows, OSX)
Supporting various video devices such as IP Camera, Doorbell, Door Phone, Wallpad, etc
Supporting ONVIF IP Camera using ONVIF gateway without any additional operation

Function Description

  • High Quality Video Transmission
    By using the FluX technology, it is possible to send high quality video even in deteriorated network environment
  • Enhanced Security
    Provides complete end-to-end security based on OTP (One Time Password) and eliminates MITM threats
  • P2P Connection
    Provides world-class P2P connection rate and connection setup time based on ICE
  • ONVIF Gateway
    Supports off-the-shelf IP camera that follows the ONVIF standard without any additional operation
  • Various Devices
    Supports various video devices such as IP Camera, NVR, WiFi Doorbell, Smart Home wallpad, etc.
    Supports diverse smartphones (Android, iOS) and PCs (Windows, OSX)
Nable Communications
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